How To Design a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen



 Modern Farmhouse

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Designing a modern farmhouse kitchen combines the charm of a traditional farmhouse kitchen with contemporary aesthetics and functionality. Here are steps to help you design a modern farmhouse kitchen:


Plan the Layout

Consider the kitchen’s size and layout. Open concepts are often favored in modern farmhouse kitchens to create a spacious, inviting atmosphere. Common layouts include L-shaped, U-shaped, or a central island.

Choose the Color Palette

Opt for a neutral color scheme with warm, earthy tones. White, cream, soft gray, and muted greens are common choices for the walls, cabinets, and countertops. Darker accents like black or navy can be used for contrast.

Cabinetry and Hardware

Select shaker-style or beadboard cabinets for that farmhouse look. Use natural wood finishes or paint them in a soft, muted color. Choose vintage-style hardware, such as oil-rubbed bronze or matte black, for an authentic touch.


Quartz or marble countertops are popular choices. We see more quartz due to its durability and low maintenance.


Subway tiles or beadboard wainscoting are classic options for a modern farmhouse kitchen. You can also consider a more natural look with brick or stone. We also see a lot of full-height backsplashes in quartz or marble.


Wide-plank hardwood flooring, reclaimed wood, or ceramic tiles in a distressed wood look can enhance the farmhouse aesthetic. Choose flooring that is both durable and easy to clean.


Stainless steel appliances with a matte finish can provide a modern touch. However, consider paneling your appliances with cabinet fronts to maintain a cohesive, farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Sink

A large, deep, apron-front sink is a signature feature in a farmhouse kitchen. Choose materials like fireclay or cast iron for a traditional look.


Incorporate pendant lights, chandeliers, or industrial-style fixtures to provide adequate lighting and add character to the space.

Open Shelving

Consider open shelves with rustic wood or metal brackets for displaying dishes, cookware, and decorative items.


Island or Kitchen Table:

An island with a wooden or stone countertop can serve as a focal point. Alternatively, a farmhouse-style dining table can be integrated into the kitchen for family meals. Waterfall and mitered edges are popular choices for the island as well.



Ensure your kitchen is functional with ample storage, convenient work zones, and easy access to essentials like pots, pans, and utensils.


Consider the practicality of your choices in terms of cleaning and upkeep. Modern farmhouse kitchens should be beautiful but also easy to maintain.

Professional Help

If needed, consult with a kitchen designer or interior decorator to ensure that your modern farmhouse kitchen design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Remember that the key to a successful modern farmhouse kitchen design is to strike a balance between the rustic charm of a farmhouse and the sleek functionality of modern elements. Customize your design to suit your personal preferences and needs.