Southern Kitchen Design

Southern Kitchen Design


Southern kitchen design is characterized by its warm and inviting atmosphere, traditional elements, and a focus on comfort and functionality. It reflects the traditional style of homes in the Southern United States, often incorporating elements of country, farmhouse, and colonial design. Here are some key features and design elements commonly found in Southern kitchen design:



Southern kitchens often feature custom-built cabinetry with a classic and timeless appeal. Wood is a popular material, with choices like oak, cherry, or maple, often featuring raised or recessed panel doors. Traditional finishes like white, cream, or stained wood are commonly used.


Kitchen Island


A kitchen island is a prominent feature. It serves as a focal point and provides additional workspace, storage, and seating. When it comes to countertops, many homeowners like to add drama by installing a countertop with lots of movement and contrast. Calacatta marbles and quartz are very popular right now in southern kitchens.

Farmhouse Sink


A large, apron-front farmhouse sink is a quintessential element in a Southern kitchen. It not only adds a touch of vintage charm but is also practical for handling large pots and pans. It is usually made of porcelain, fireclay, or stainless steel.



Natural stone countertops like granite or marble with lots of movement are popular choices in southern kitchen design. These materials offer a luxurious appearance. Quartz countertops that mimic marble are also very popular due to their durability and consistent pattern.




Subway tile backsplashes are a classic choice for a Southern kitchen. White or light-colored subway tiles arranged in a brick pattern create a clean and timeless look. Other options include mosaic tile patterns, beadboard, or even shiplap for a touch of farmhouse style.



Hardwood flooring is a preferred option for Southern kitchen design, offering warmth and elegance. Traditional choices include oak or hickory with a natural or stained finish. Other popular choices include brick or stone flooring, especially in patterns like herringbone or basketweave.



Adequate and charming lighting is essential in a southern kitchen. Pendant lights or chandeliers with wrought iron, bronze, or brass finishes are commonly used to add a touch of elegance. Under-cabinet lighting can also be incorporated for practical task lighting.

Furniture and Decor


Southern kitchens often feature furniture pieces like breakfast nooks, farmhouse-style dining tables, and chairs. Decorative elements like open shelving, glass-front cabinets for displaying china or glassware, and vintage accessories such as Mason jars, old scales, and antique kitchen utensils can also enhance the Southern charm.

Remember, southern kitchen design is all about creating a warm and welcoming space with a touch of traditional elegance. It combines functionality with timeless aesthetics to create a comfortable and inviting environment for cooking, dining, and gathering with family and friends.