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Granite Countertops Atlanta

Atlanta Countertop in a Kitchen

Transform Your Home With Atlanta Granite Countertops from Granco

Nothing says luxury like granite countertops. Sleek, smooth, and elegant—our counters are manufactured from the highest quality materials so that they work hard and look good doing it.

Designed with flair and installed with care, Granco granite countertops set the tone of the room. If you want your kitchen to exude charm, wow guests, and make every meal a luxurious escape, get in touch today to install the countertop of your dreams.

GranCo is your preferred installation team for granite countertops in Atlanta.

Affordable Atlanta Granite Countertops

5 Reasons to Choose Granco

There are dozens of reasons that our customers love to recommend us to their friends and family. We couldn’t fit them all, so here are our top five:

  1. We are family owned and operated, so you can trust our team to be the local Atlanta countertop pros you deserve.
  2. Our motto is “Excellence is our vision”. And we strive to uphold this standard at every step of every project.
  3. Despite our superior products and craftsmanship, our pricing is competitive—because we know that every penny counts.
  4. We are fully licensed and insured for countertop installation in Atlanta, so you know that your home and property are in the best of hands.
  5. Our team works together, from designers to installers, to transform your home with luxurious countertops you will love.

How It Works

Getting your brand new kitchen or bathroom granite countertops installed is as simple as 1-2-3 when you work with Granco. We know how busy you are, so we make the process as straightforward as possible. You want new countertops, not a hassle!

Step 1: Consultation

First, our designers work with you to help you find the best granite countertops to match your needs, your dreams, and your budget. We’ve been doing this for years, so we know a thing or two about helping homeowners make the best countertop decisions for them.

Step 2: Fabrication

Once we’ve got everything planned out with you, our manufacturers get to work custom crafting your new granite countertops to fit the exact dimensions of your home. We use only the highest quality materials and adhere to industry standard fabrication procedures.

Step 3: Installation

Finally, our team of professional installers comes to your home at a time convenient to you. We tear down your old counters and install the new ones. Granco employees treat your home with care and courtesy—and they always clean up after every job

Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Shouldn’t you love everything about it? The counters define the kitchen. They set its tone. And luxurious countertops will remind you every day just how wonderful your kitchen truly is.

Bathroom Countertops

Elegant countertops transform a humdrum bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Your bathroom should be a retreat, and professionally installed stone countertops will make it a place you are glad to escape to for a warm shower or long soak.

Types of Countertops

Granco is proud to offer three of the most esthetically pleasing countertop materials on the market: granite, quartz, and marble. All of them will have you living in the lap of luxury while still being built sturdy enough to stand up to the worst you can throw at them for years on end.

Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops among homeowners. Because granite is made up of a wide variety of interlocking crystals, every single granite countertop is going to have its own unique pattern. Granite is scratch, chip, and heat resistant. And it is just a dream to work on.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz counters are sometimes known as engineered stone countertops because they are made when about 90 percent ground quartz is combined with 10 percent pigments, resins, and polymers. Depending on the extent to which the quartz is ground, you can achieve a variety of unique looks, from smooth to flecked.

Marble Countertops

Marble is another naturally occurring stone like granite, with a sleek clean look that has much smoother tones than quartz or granite. It boasts a very luxurious aesthetic, though it can be a bit more work to maintain than other options. Marble is porous, making it more likely to stain than granite. And it is also not quite as damage resistant. Still, many homeowners just love the unique look and feel that marble countertops add to their kitchen and bathroom.

How To Choose The Best Atlanta Countertops For You

When it comes to kitchen counters, there is no one size fits all answer. So as you try to make your decision, keep these questions in mind at every step of the process:

How much space do you have?

The bigger your counters, the more they will cost. If you are on a budget, your total square footage is important to know. It may be the difference between choosing one material over the other. Keep in mind, of course, that you can mix counter materials within a single kitchen—to an extent. You might choose a more affordable wood for your island even though you opt for granite for the rest of your counterspace.

How much do you want to worry about maintenance?

Both granite and marble countertops will need to be sealed every year or so. Marble is even more maintenance because it is not as resistant to stains and so you need to keep up with cleaning. Of the three, quartz is definitely the easiest to maintain, requiring no sealing due to its non-porous nature.

What is your existing decor?

If you aren’t also redoing your cabinets, keep in mind how your countertops will match with your existing kitchen style. Whether you opt for granite, quartz, or marble—you’ll have a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. So be sure that your choice doesn’t clash with your cabinets, furniture, or appliances.

Get The Countertops You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Now is the time when you finally say goodbye to the drab counters that have been holding you back for years. At Granco, we install granite countertops in Atlanta everyday. Reach out today to talk to a qualified professional about how we can transform your home. Give us a call to start process – 770-898-2663

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