GranSeal is a one-time application sealer for granite and stone products with a 15-year limited warranty. Standard sealers offer little or no warranty against stains and have a shorter protection period than GranSeal.  What makes GranSeal different is that it’s an impregnator type of sealer.  Impregnator sealers have nano-sized solvents and protective agents which allow the chemical to penetrate deeper into the stone and, therefore, provide a longer duration of protection.

About GranSeal Granite Sealer

  • GranSeal can be used on all stone and quartz surfaces.
  • Excellent product for interior, exterior, honed or leathered stone.
  • Test “food safe” and is safe to use on and around food prep areas.
  • Penetrates deep into the stone for excellent protection of countertops.
  • Needs no annual sealing.
  • GranSeal is ready for use the day of the install with only a three hour drying time for the final on-site application.
  • Resistant to UV radiation.
  • 15-year limited Warranty.

15 Year Limited Warranty

  • 15-year limited warranty against food and beverage staining.
  • The GranSeal 15-year limited warranty provides that GranCo will repair or assist in repairing any stains caused by food or beverages.
  • Should a customer have a stain on their countertop then GranSeal will discuss what caused the stain and determine how to resolve or repair the stain.
  • In the event a countertop can not be repaired GranCo will make the final decision as to the countertop replacement.

* Plumbing and electrical accommodations are the responsibility of the homeowner.