Classic Marble Countertop Colors

Marble Countertops

Marble has been used as a building and decorative material for centuries. Its unique veining patterns and natural beauty give it a timeless and elegant appearance. This makes marble countertops a highly sought-after choice when it comes to new construction and remodeling.

Marble comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, offering versatility in design. This variety allows homeowners and designers to choose the type of marble that best complements their style and overall aesthetic.

Carrara Marble


Carrara marble is a popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its timeless beauty and grayish-white background with delicate gray veining. It offers a sophisticated and elegant look to any kitchen.

Calacatta Marble


Calacatta marble is another classic option known for its striking white background and bold, dramatic veining in shades of gray and gold. It adds a luxurious touch to kitchen spaces.

Statuario Marble


Similar to Carrara and Calacatta marble, Statuario marble features a white background, but it typically has more prominent and bolder veining. It creates a stunning focal point in any kitchen.

Arabescato Marble


Arabescato marble has a white base with unique gray veining that often forms a web-like pattern. It adds character and charm to kitchen countertops.

While marble is a beautiful and classic choice for kitchen countertops, it’s essential to note that it is a softer and more porous stone compared to granite or quartz. Therefore, it requires regular sealing and more diligent maintenance to avoid staining and etching from acidic substances.

If you’re willing to invest in maintenance and appreciate the unique patina that develops over time, marble can be an excellent choice for your kitchen. However, if you prefer a lower-maintenance option, you may want to consider quartz or granite, which offer similar aesthetics but are more durable and less prone to staining.