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Never Fail Quartz Countertops

The popularity of quartz countertops is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is a mainstay when it comes to kitchen and bath design.

We know it can be overwhelming when choosing a countertop color for your project. Below is our list of never fail quartz countertops that work with any design:

Calacatta Lavasa



One of MSI Surfaces most popular colors, Calacatta Lavasa is a beautiful quartz countertop with movement. It features a breathtaking warm white background with short brown veins intermingled with long diagonal veins for a modern look.


Iced White


Our Level I Iced White quartz is not only affordable but a safe choice if you are looking for a simple and clean look.  It features soft shades of white and accents of gray. It works well with white, grey, and blue cabinetry.


Arctic White


When in doubt, you can never go wrong with Arctic White. It is a safe bet because it is solid white and works with any design style. It is a great choice if you are not looking to have your countertops become the statement piece in your kitchen or bathroom.



Calacatta Sierra


Another MSI stunner is Calacatta Sierra. If you are looking for drama in your kitchen, this is the never fail color for you.  Even though it is a dramatic look with deep large veining, it is still neutral and works with almost any design style.





Outdoor Kitchen Living

Now that spring and warmer weather are here, there is nothing better than spending time with family and friends outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen will always remain a top trend in backyard living.  Not only does it create convenience with outdoor dining but it increases the value of your property.  According to the National Association of Realtors, outdoor kitchens typically get a 71% return on investment for home improvements.

Just like a kitchen in your home, an outdoor kitchen takes time and consideration when planning out the design. You also have to take into account materials that are weatherproof. Most outdoor kitchens are constructed from concrete, brick, and/or stone.  For cabinetry, stainless steel is a popular option or if you want wood then you should consider a material like teak.

For countertops, here is our list of the best material for outdoor kitchen living:



Granite continues to be the top choice for outdoor kitchen countertops.  Since it is a natural stone, it is fade-resistant and can withstand the hot Georgia sun.  It is also stain resistant as well. When choosing granite for your outdoor countertop, the choices are endless.

You can even opt for a leathered finish which is still considered durable. And it gives you more of an organic look.  Some colors that we recommend for outdoor kitchens are Aspen White, Black Pearl, and Silver Falls.



Another durable countertop for the outdoors is soapstone. It is nonporous and will not stain.  Also, like granite, it can handle extreme temperatures but the color will patina over time and it can scratch.  But, many homeowners love this about soapstone.

In order to care for soapstone countertops, you need to clean them regularly and apply a mineral oil application to them so they can maintain their darker color.



Not to be confused with quartz, quartzite is one of the most durable natural stones out there. It is both fade and stain-resistant. It is also considered a luxury countertop and has a higher-end price tag.

Quartzite’s color typically ranges between white and gray with Taj Mahal being the most well-known and popular color choice.  If you want a more transitional outdoor kitchen design, then quartzite is a great choice!








Timeless Kitchen Design Trends


It can be overwhelming when starting a kitchen project.  There are endless options to consider when it comes to style, cabinetry, hardware flooring, appliances, backsplash, and, of course, countertops.

If there is one thing we do know, fads and trends can fade over the years like tie-dye shirts and high-waisted jeans. However, a kitchen renovation is an investment so you want to make sure it stands the test of time. Below are our top timeless kitchen design trends:

White Cabinetry


Designers will always choose a new color each year for kitchen cabinetry. From dark wood to bright-colored two-tone cabinets, we have seen it all over the years.  If there is one thing that never truly goes out of style, it would be white cabinets.  Not only is it considered a classic but it is a safe choice. Like a blank canvas, it allows you to play with accent colors in your kitchen when it comes to your walls and backsplash. Or how about countertops? You have many more options to choose from in countertops when your cabinets are white. From Calacatta marble to Black Pearl granite, you can’t go wrong.

Open Layout Concepts


A kitchen that opens to the family room with a large island for entertaining is always considered a desirable kitchen layout. Not only does it maximize space but removes visual barriers allowing you to spend time with family and friends while preparing a meal in the kitchen.  An island also provides ample countertop space for multi-tasking.

Subway Tile


Subway tile has been a mainstay since the early 1900s. In the early 2000s, the rise of the 4×4 travertine tile made waves in kitchen design but it was no match for subway.  The most popular material choices are ceramic and porcelain. These come in all different colors and finishes.


Stainless Steel Appliances


You can bring back black or white, but stainless steel appliances will never go away. If you want to play it safe, then stainless is your best choice.  They are the perfect neutral against your cabinetry and countertops and do not clash when choosing mixed metals for your hardware.


Natural Stone Countertops


Even though colors may come and go, natural stone countertops will never go out of style.  Marble was popular in the first half of the 20th century before laminate took over but like all classics, it quickly made a comeback and we don’t see it leaving kitchen design anytime soon.  White and cream natural stones with lots of movement are still top choices for homeowners. Also, soapstone and solid black granite colors contrast beautifully with white cabinetry.


Veined or Solid Quartz Countertops


Quartz countertops are a newer addition when it comes to timeless kitchen design trends. They started to really increase in popularity in the early 2010s and they have not slowed down. For clients looking for that marble look but with less maintenance, quartz countertops are a great choice. If you are looking for something more monochromatic then a solid color like Arctic White is a great option as well.



Top 2023 Kitchen Design Trends


When it comes to your kitchen, we are all about your kitchen. Your rules.



From countertops to cabinetry, kitchen fads will always come and go. But, there are some trends that are still considered classic even when they ebb and flow in popularity.  So, don’t get overwhelmed by all the new trends out there. At the end of the day, it is about what you want for your home.

Here is our list of the Top 2023 Kitchen Design Trends that will always remain classic:

Warmer Whites


A white kitchen will never go out of style. From painted cabinetry to dark wood, white kitchens are a mainstay for classic kitchen design. In 2023, warm whites will take center stage. There are many different shades of white out there and it can be overwhelming when making a choice. A no-fail warm white color is always White Dove by Benjamin Moore.

Darker Hues


Adding darker hues in the kitchen is becoming more popular again.  Light and airy are always beautiful but it is also okay to add drama in the kitchen. Darker hues provide a warm and cozy vibe!

Go Vintage


The 1920s were all about sophistication and glamour. From subway tile to black and white kitchens, it is a decade that will always remain a classic. Don’t be afraid to add repurposed antiques or reclaimed lighting to your decor.

Mix-and-Match Countertops


This has long been a trend when it comes to kitchen design, but it will become even more popular this year.  With mix-and-match countertops, it isn’t just about installing a lighter quartz countertop on the island and a darker one on the perimeter. You can even consider using different materials in your kitchen. For instance, how about dark soapstone on the perimeter with quartzite on the island?


Kitchen Island Dining Tables


“The concept of the kitchen island started in the 1800s when a traditional European home often had a basic worktable in front of the hearth or stove.” – Gain and Frame


Open-concept kitchens and large islands will always be popular.  Now many homeowners are turning their kitchen islands into their official eating areas.  kitchen islands with an integrated dining table offer lots of advantages. If you do not have an eating area, it provides you with space for one and it creates a central area in the kitchen for family and friends to gather together.

Full-height Backsplashes


Full-height backsplashes are still a popular design trend. It creates a seamless and clean look in the kitchen. Both quartz and marble countertop material with dramatic veining work best for this application. Not only does it create a “wow” factor but it will remain a classic.